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CommonLit's Assessment Series was introduced during the '21-'22 school year. For updated information about CommonLit's Assessment Series for the '22-'23 school year, please click here.

This spring, our team is proud to announce the release of our Post-Assessment — an assessment that has been carefully designed to complement CommonLit’s popular Pre-Assessment. In order to support teachers during this uniquely challenging school year, the Post-Assessment will be free throughout the remainder of the 2020–21 school year.

In this blog post, we’ll tell you all you need to know about CommonLit’s Post-Assessment, and how your team can secure access to this assessment for SY ’21–’22 and beyond.

The CommonLit Post-Assessment

CommonLit’s Post-Assessment for grades 3–12 is an easy-to-administer assessment that provides teachers with accurate and actionable data on student performance.

The Post-Assessment includes three grade-level reading passages and approximately 30 multiple choice questions, and will take most students about one hour to complete. Teachers who have used CommonLit’s Pre-Assessment in the past will notice that the Post-Assessment has a very similar design.

After students complete the Post-Assessment, teachers will immediately be able to view key data insights. Teachers can see how students performed by standard and how they did compared to other students around the country who took the same grade-level assessment. If the students took the Pre-Assessment earlier this school year, teachers will also be able to see how student performance changed since that earlier assessment.

Data charts showing student performance.
With the CommonLit Post-Assessment, educators will be able to easily see how students break down by ability levels.

Securing Access to CommonLit’s Assessment Series for SY ‘21–’22

Throughout school year 2021–’22, CommonLit will continue to offer one free diagnostic assessment to students and teachers. This free assessment for grades 3–12 will include approximately 25–35 multiple choice questions and will be assignable through our digital platform.

However, starting next year, schools and districts will also be able to purchase a more comprehensive assessment program — the CommonLit Assessment Series. The CommonLit Assessment Series will be included in the purchase of CommonLit School Essentials or CommonLit School Essentials PRO.

After teams purchase either of these packages, teachers will receive access to three specialized assessments. The first assessment is a Pre-Assessment that will allow teachers to collect baseline data on student performance. Teachers will then have the option to assign a Mid-Year Assessment that can be used to identify student progress and learning gaps. Finally, teachers will have access to a Post-Assessment that will provide comprehensive data on the growth that students have made throughout the year.

As soon as students complete each assessment, teachers receive access to actionable standards-based data reports that they can use to inform instruction.

When schools or districts opt to purchase CommonLit School Essentials PRO, administrators will also receive comprehensive school- and district-wide data reports to measure student performance.

Bringing the Assessment Series to your School and District

If your team is interested in requesting pricing information or meeting with our team about the Assessment Series, please fill out this quick form so we can get in touch with you!

If you teach in a hospital, refugee camp, prison, small reservation school, or other uncommon setting and have questions about access to the Assessment Series, please reach out to

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