CommonLit's FREE Pre-Assessment: Actionable Data to Support Instruction

CommonLit's FREE Pre-Assessment: Actionable Data to Support Instruction

Research has shown that summer learning loss results in the average student losing several months of academic gains. However, with COVID-19 causing nearly universal school closures for the final two months of the school year, this year’s “summer slide” is likely to be far more significant.

For these reasons, it is more critical than ever for educators to have reliable diagnostic assessment data that allows them to gauge student proficiency and effectively differentiate instruction for students.

In this article, you’ll learn all about CommonLit’s FREE Pre-Assessment. This diagnostic assessment is free, easy to administer, and provides teachers with immediate access to actionable data.

CommonLit’s FREE Pre-Assessment: What You Need to Know

CommonLit’s Pre-Assessment is a psychometrically valid assessment that lets teachers know how their students are performing in comparison to a nationwide sample of grade-level peers.

After piloting this assessment in the fall of 2019, CommonLit’s Pre-Assessment is back and will be available for teachers to schedule through June 2021.

This year, CommonLit is offering Pre-Assessments for grades 3–12. Each assessment includes three reading passages and 20–25 questions that assess a variety of standards.

After students complete this assessment, teachers receive free actionable data reports that can be used to inform instruction.

Getting Started: Individual Teachers

Teachers can assign students the digital Pre-Assessment as soon as they finish setting up their online classes with CommonLit.

For more detailed information on the pre-assessment and for tips on administering and analyzing student results, check out the video below:

Getting Started: Schools and Districts

While CommonLit’s Pre-Assessments are completely free for teachers, schools and districts may choose to purchase CommonLit’s Distance Learning Support Package to support a rollout of CommonLit’s full program.

With CommonLit’s Distance Learning Support Package, your team will receive access to our new on-demand Professional Development Portal, a dedicated CommonLit account manager for your school or district, and full Clever rostering and SSO. This entire package costs just $500 per school, and it’s a great way to ensure that your entire team has the training and technical support needed to seamlessly roll-out CommonLit’s Pre-Assessment.

Note: If your district has chosen to purchase CommonLit’s Interim Assessments, you will not have access to the Pre-Assessment feature on Instead, you’ll be able to collect baseline data through the first interim assessment that your district administers.

Next Steps

If your school or district is interested in learning more about how you can roll out CommonLit’s Pre-Assessments, Distance Learning Support Package, email We’re eager to support your team!