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​​​​Access school-wide data tracking, professional development, and CommonLit’s Assessment Series to make your rollout of the CommonLit 360 Curriculum a success.

The 360 ELA curriculum is a game-changer for teachers of students in grades 6–12. Each 360 unit is tied together with an essential question that is designed to engage students. Units also include fully-developed reading comprehension, writing, discussion, vocabulary, and grammar lessons that can be utilized in a print or digital format.

You can click here to read more about the design of CommonLit’s 360 Curriculum or to sign up for one of our “Getting Started with CommonLit 360 webinars”.

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For schools and districts that are planning to roll-out CommonLit 360 next school year, we recommend purchasing CommonLit School Essentials PRO. This affordable package includes all of the professional development, data tracking tools, benchmark assessments, and onboarding support that your team will need in order to ensure success.

In this blog post, you’ll learn all about how CommonLit School Essentials PRO is the perfect complement to CommonLit 360.

Professional Development

When schools purchase School Essentials PRO, the team will receive access to a couple of important training supports.

First, schools will receive access to a personalized webinar training at the beginning of the school year. During this training, teachers will learn more about the design of CommonLit 360 and how to assign lessons from the curriculum.

In addition to that personalized webinar, teachers will also receive access to CommonLit’s Professional Development Portal. The portal includes over 30 self-paced training modules that focus on best practices for customizing and facilitating lessons on CommonLit, analyzing student data, and using student data to plan instructional next steps. The Professional Development Portal is the ideal resource for teams that are looking to build their knowledge of CommonLit’s literacy program throughout the school year.

Assessments & Data

Schools will also receive access to CommonLit’s Assessment Series. The Assessment Series includes three benchmark assessments — a Pre-Assessment, Mid-Year Assessment, and Post-Assessment — that can be assigned intermittently throughout the school year to measure student performance on key reading standards, track overall reading progress, and compare student performance to a national sample of their grade-level peers. These assessments can be assigned directly through CommonLit’s easy-to-use digital platform, providing educators with immediate access to benchmark assessment data.

When teams purchase School Essentials PRO, schools also receive access to school-wide data reports that make it easy to track student performance from all ELA lessons and assessments completed on, including lessons from CommonLit 360 and the digital library.

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Taken together, these school-wide data reports will give administrators a comprehensive window into student learning. Administrators will be able to quickly identify the classes and students that are making progress, and the struggling readers  that may be in need of additional support.

Onboarding and Technical Support

Our team offers Clever rostering, ClassLink rostering, and Google Classroom integrations to make roster management easy. We’ll work with your team to identify the best rostering solution for your teachers and students. Students will also be able to log into CommonLit via Single Sign-On, ensuring that learning time is maximized.

During the school year, your team will also have access to a dedicated account manager from CommonLit’s District Success team and teachers will receive an answer to all technical questions within one business day.

CommonLit’s Canvas Integration

CommonLit’s Canvas integration is a powerful time-saver that teachers will love! The integration includes 3 key benefits:

  • Teachers can seamlessly import their classes from Canvas to CommonLit.
  • Students can complete assigned CommonLit 360 lessons directly from their Canvas account.
  • Teachers can send student grades from CommonLit 360 assignments back to their Canvas grade book.

Next Steps

CommonLit is eager to support your team!

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